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Motofino 50cc Gas Motor Scooter & Moped Page See our Motofino 50 to 80cc Upgrade Kit Page.
People sometimes are a little shocked when they realize Motofino 50cc Scooters get 85 to 100 miles per gallon!
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Please Scroll Down - This is a very long Page - Check out the new Motofino MF50QT50-10D - Fast and Rugged!
In many States a Scooter of under 50cc is not required to be registered and no Motorcycle license is required to drive one. Georgia is one of those States. Check your state law. Small pictures are thimbnails. Click on the to enlarge. Scooters on this page are all 49.7cc
"Gas Miser" MF50QT-6
New Design! Even Better!
The Motofino MF50QT-6 is a big value in a popular gasoline Moped Scooter!. Lots of people enjoy this sporty Scooter, because it is very manageable, costs little, has a carrying capacity of 220 lbs. Still gets 85-100MPG depending how you drive it. The QT-6 will get you around cheaply and easily with style!Fits the traffic flow for most urban situations for responsive speed and control.Has a top speed of around 40 MPH. or a bit more at wide open. Not wimpy! Gets off with zip, has great low end acceleration. Has bright Hi -visiblility lighting, so you can be seen! The MF50QT-6 comes fully assembled.Scooter Features locking glove compartment, storage box and keylock anti-theft steering.
MF50QT-6 4-Stroke, Single Cyl. Forced Air Cooled.Exterior Size: 67"x31"x48." Dry Wt. 200 lbs. 3.2Hp.Chassis: Steel Seat Ht. 28" Transmission: Auto CVT Tire Size: 80/100-10 Front Suspension: Dual Shocks.Rear Suspension: Single Shock Spring. Start: Elec,/Kick.Front Brake: Drum Rear Brake: Drum. Interior Trunk: 10"x10"x12" With Seatbox.Colors Yellow/Black, Red/Silver, Blue/Silver.
MSRP: $1,189


The 2010 Motofino gas MF50QT runs about 42 MPH. if you push it wide open, and gets 85-100 MPG. Easy ride like all Motofino "Twist and Go" Scooters. It is different from the QT-6. Has front disc brake! Big difference. A disc brake has much more stop power than band brakes when you need it on the street. Quality features include color matched rear view mirrors, and light-weight mag wheel rims instead of heavy steel ones. Does have telescopic front suspension shocks for a comfy ride. Fully asembled, you can be driving this gutsy performing scooter the same day you get it! You'll love riding it when you own it and use it. Roadworthy and just the right for size and balance in a 50cc with performance for most people. Durable
MF50QT 4-Stroke Forced Air Cooled . 50cc.Exterior Size: 66"x33'x48." Dry Wt. 200 Lbs. 3.2 Hp.Seat Ht. 29" Chassis: Steel Ignition CDI Transmission: Automatic CVT Tire Size: 80/100-10 Front Suspension: Telescopic Forks. Rear:Sgl. Shock Startiing: Electric/Kick. Front Brake:Disc. Rear:Drum Colors: Yellow/Silver, Red/Silver, Black/Silver, Blue/Silver. Bright Alloy Mag. Wheels-.Locking ateering wheel. Really a great street riding scooter with fantastic fuel economy,
MSRP: $1,389

Enjoy the flavor of old Rome with the sturdy Vespa style MF50QT-2
The MF50QT-2 Features classic Vespa retro- styling in a strongly framed scooter with a 330lb. load carrying capacity and a strong rack padded backrest! Gas it up from an exterior locking gas cap. The roomy underseat trunk unlocks bi-directionally with the ignition key. You don't have to remove the key to open the seat storage trunk. User friendly designed! Chrome mirrors and accents. Great lighting and ccontrols Can be upgraded with 80cc kit to have even more pep and speed! Scooter anti-theft locking steering. Mag wheels. Terrific, old world styling!
MF50QT-2 (Vespa Retro Style) FA Cooled. 50cc.Exterior Size: 72"x30"x49." Dry Wt. 250 lbs. 3.2 Hp.Seat Ht. 30" Chassis: Steel. Ignition CDI Transmission: Automatic CVT. Tire Size: 80/100-10 Front Brakes: Disk. Rear: Drum. Stsrt: Elec./Kick.Front Suspension: Telescopic Forks. Rear: Sgl.Shock Colors: Red, Green, Silver, Black, White.
MSRP: $1,639
One thing some people do not realize is the quality of the Motofino formulated ABS body panels. These are not a cheap plastic which crack and fade with a little time in the sun. They are instead color fast, strong, and made from the same formulation used to make football helmets. Frankly, they are more expensive to make. We stock color-matched body panels for Motofino Scooters, mechanical and electrical parts. Also note, all our Motofino 50cc models can be upgraded with the 80cc kit from ECOBIKEUSA. We do not sell them with the kit preinstalled.
If you need to stay in the 50cc engine category, you cannot do better than the New Motofino MF50QT-10D
WHY? This Scooter has all the safety and handling features of the powerful MF150QT-10D. A proven "Road Workhorse" with all the classy user features of a larger machine including superior road handling abilities found in larger scooters. You get all the load carrying capacity, heavy duty frame, and the ability to ride with two people in a very economical 50cc engined scooter, that handles like a cruiser, but has much better fuel economy. The seat height is only 26" It is otherwise a large scooter, the same as the 150cc model. Features 12" alloy wheels. The surprise is the special CVT transmission design for the 50-10D, which permits it to wind up and attain higher speeds than other 50cc scooters. Features all instrumentation and a 12K tach. Uses the famous 139QMB GY6 engine. Has powerful dual headlamps. Very much a Sweet machine, anybody can ride! Just great for larger drivers. GVWR = 550 lbs.
Engine: 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder,GY6,Force Air Cooled
Engine Capacity: 49.7cc
Dry Weight: 267 lbs.
Passengers: Driver and one other adult.
Exterior Size: 1980x780x1120 mm (77"x30"x44")
Seat Height: 26"
Chassis: Steel
Wheels: 12" Mag Rims - Large 4-ply rated tires
Instrument Panel: Full, back-lighted
Turn Signal Mirrors: LED fllashing.
Ignition: CDI
Glove Box: Key locking
Transmission: Automatic CVT, "Twist and Go!"
Tire Size: F/R: 4.0-12-4 PR
Front Suspension: Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension: Dual Shocks
Front Brakes: ABS Disc
Rear Brakes: Drum
Starting System: Kick/Electric
Maximum Power: 3.2 HP
GVWR: 550 lbs
Interior Trunk: Key Locking - Under seat box.
Colors Available: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow
MSRP: $ 1,798.00

Motofino MF50QT-10D
$ 1379.00
This is the MF50QT-7 , Very popular responsive Euro-style machine that is a blow-away driving perfomance scooter. Like it has all the goodies in general features / design, and instruments as you can see in the thrumbnail photos when you click on them A high end feature Scooter without a high end price! For incredible looks try one in your color scheme?
This QT-7 style is also available in a 125 and 150cc, the MF125QT-7, MF150QT-7 The 50cc version engine (shown) can be upgraded to 80cc. with 50 to 80cc kit you can install for more pep, speed and top end.
This is our latest color Motofino, Italian Pink!
Like all the Motofino gasoline MFQT-2 retro style scooters it is a classic, durable.

Aside from being the same color as seen in old movies, and looking like old style Vespas, the pink is quite visible on the road. So there is a good reason to choose pink sometimes! The Ladies love this color too!

The pricing for the pink is the same as any other colored Motofino in the various engine sized QT-2 retro units. If you want to know about durable, click on and look at Bob's retro MF125QT2 in Black below. He uses it everyday. (Runs errands to get groceries too.) I see he has it loaded with Pepsi and Coke today. His Scooter only has 7,100 miles on it now.
MF50QT-7 (Euro Style.) FA Cooled. 50cc. Exterior Size: 74"x30"x50." Dry Wt. 230 lbs.Seat Ht.: 30" Chassis: Steel. Ignition CDI. 3.2 Hp.Transmission: Automatic CVT. Tire Size: 3.5/0-10 Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork. Rear Suspension:Single Spring Shock. Start is Electric and Kick.
Colors: Red/Silver, Blue/Silver, Yellow/Black
MSRP: $1,639
The Famous Motofino MF50QT-7
We have this Scooter in 150cc size also! The 150cc option is the MF150QT-7.

Special Italian Vespa Pink Color Motofino
A Popular Color and usually In Stock!
MF50QT-2 (50cc)
MF125QT-2 (125cc)
MF150 QT-2 (150cc)

Call us about special discount pricing on overstocked pink scooters!

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