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Motofino 139QMB Engine 50 to 80cc Upgrade Kit
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Make Your 50cc Really Do 50! (Or slightly more) - Do it Yourself with our New EASY Kit  and Instructions!
Perhaps you are the "touring type," or would like to keep up with hurried traffic where you live and need more pep and speed from your 50cc? (Most are too slow!) You want to go faster? You can do that it in a weekend with our precision quick install kit! The kit made is for Chinese 50cc and Motofino 50cc Scooters like the MF50QT, MF50QT-6, MF50QT-2 Retro Vespa Style, or the MF50QT-7 machines, in fact 99% of the 50cc Chinese made engines out there for sale in the United States also use a similar 139QMB engine so, even if you do not have a genuine Motofino Scooter, this kit can work with your brand too. Stuff Like United Motors, Rocketa, Baron, Geely, and any of the Chinese 50CC GY6 Scooters with the style 50cc 139QMB engines Fun and easy to install now. Even includes crankcase vent provisions if your model uses them.
The real performance increase is quite obvious! Why put up with slow dangerous speeds in traffic? Get around a whole lot quicker after your installation... What you can expect from installing this kit is a big speed increase with more power to climb hills too. We think it makes the 50cc line perform a lot like a 125cc scooter! Your 80cc converted Scooter will do slightly over 50 MPH on the level after installation. The lighter scooters like the MF50QT go even faster, but its only a couple miles an hour faster than what the heavier 50cc Scooter do with the kit. Scooter speed always depends on gross scooter weight, and headwinds. Adequate tire pressure helps! The whole deal is surprising considering you are only adding 30cc, yet getting such a big boost . This is the cheapest most convenient way to get a better performing scooter without a big expense. You do not even have to change the carburetor or muffler, or the carburetor jets, and the scooter mileage stays close to the same!
You'll need a clean well lighted place to work and some common hand tools, including a small metric socket wrench kit, some rags, and motor oil to perform the conversion. Stuff like good screwdrivers, a magnetic parts pick up wand and good pair of long-nosed pliers are needed. The whole job will eat up a weekend for most guys. Our only cautions are; 1. Be careful you don't drop the kit parts on a concrete floor. They can be damaged! 2. Our kit is complete, tested, and quality is assured. Don't buy a cheap steel imitation. You will be sorry, they warp under load and will destroy your engine!!!
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Only $199. 00
Plus shipping
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cannot be insured.
50 to 80cc KIT CONTENTS
1. New 80c Precision Cylinder Unit
2. New Valve Head Unit with valves pre-installed
3. New Cylinder to Engine Case Gasket
4. New Exhaust Head Port Exhuast Donut
5. New Metal Head Gasket
6. New Cyclinder Wrist Pin, Circlips, and 80cc
Piston with new rings pre-installed and seated
"We have put an end to installing valves and
springs, and placing rings on pistons! Fast, easy
now, so the conversion is much faster and simpler!"
The 15 page exhaustive illustrated in color conversion instruction PDF is accessed online on this web page by clicking on the page icon at the left.
When you do, you will be directed to a password protected page, where you can download, view, and printout the instructions. There are no omissions in the instruction, It covers every step and item. Even includes the common hand tools, socket wrench sizes, and hand tools needed to complete the conversion. If you need to discuss the conversion, or the instruction - CALL ME.
You can order the kit using your credit card. If you only want the instruction, the price is $12.00 USD. For instructions only, let us know when you call in your order. You can also access the instructions online in a few hours or less if you send instruction money by Paypal to We will e-mail you the Password for the 50 to 80cc Upgrade Instructions as fast as possible. Thank You for your business. Look forward to assisting you in going much faster!!
Where to look to see if your Scooter has a 139QMB type GY6 Engine to find out if this kit is compatible with your Scoot.
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