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Changing Motofino
Scooter Oil, Use a Synthetic
Blend - Castrol 10W-40
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When you remove the oil drain screw plug the parts below will spring out! Hold up pressure on the plug as you remove the last few threads.
Changing the motor oil in any Motofino Scooter is no big deal. I was surprised I got calls about how do do it, so I put this page on to show how. First you need to place the scooter on the center stand. If you haven't been just driving it, the engine is cold. Start it up and let the engine run a couple minutes. The oil flows and drains better warm. Change Motor Oil after first 100 miles, then every 700 to 800 Miles after initial oil change. Make checks every 200 miles to be sure enough oil remains. Do not overfill!

Round up a plastic pan to catch the old oil and slide it under the scooter. I then like to remove the dipstck from the oil filler port too, so the oil drains better.

Now using usually a 17mm wrench, back out the Oil Drain Screw Plug. Be sure to hold pressure on it as you turn it out the last few turns as the screen filter assembly is under tension from the tension spring. Disgusting to have those parts flying all over the floor! When you remove the Oil Drain Plug entirely that old oil is going to gush out, so you might want to wear some latex gloves. The oil is hot!
Once all the oil is out, just replace the Oil Drain Screw Plug with the Screen, Spring and Gasket. You will find that spring makes it harder to start the plug threads, so center the Screw Plug and use some up pressure on its base as you twist it to start . It sometimes takes a couple false starts to get it going, but its simple to do once you've done it a couple times. Never apply a wrench first! Guard against cross threading, and put it in squarely. Otherwise, you may have to order a new one from us!

To refill the scooter with oil we like to use Castrol Syntec Synthetic Blended oil in a 10W-40 Weight. The reason we like it is because it offers better thermal stability for the oil because it contains a mineral oil content to do it.
Pure synthetics don't take the punishment as well in high RPM air-cooled thermal environments. We won't argue more. It's your scooter! Usually if you stick a small plastic funnel in the Oil Fill Port it is angled about right to pore in the oil. Note that no Motofino Scooters require a full quart! It's always a few ounces short of a quart. We usually use the remaining bit of oil to change the CVT transmission oil.
Pore the oil in slowly, and stop and insert the Dipstick to check your fill. Just rest the Dipstick fully in the Fill Port. Do not screw it in to check the level. What you want is full, like pictured, but not over-filled.
Now with the few ounces of Castrol left from the oil change, let's drain and refill the Transmission CVT.
Get usually a 10MM wrench and remove the Fill Port Screw Plug. All the Port Screw plugs have a Fiber sealing washer on them and they don't usually fall off, but watch it and be sure they're there when you put the plugs back on
With the Fill Port Screw Plug removed, go ahead and remove the Drain Plug, and drain out the old oil.
After you drain the oil replace the drain plug snugly, but do not over tighten, or you'll strip the aluminum transmission case.
Get a pump type oil can and put in the remaining Castrol oil from the quart from your oil change. Won't take much to refill the transmission. Pump the oil into the Fill Port a few squirts at a time until the oil starts to flow back out and you can't put in any more! Its full! Replace and snug the Fill Port Plug, clean up, and you're done! Go ahead and drive your scooter. I always like to drive it and check for any oil leaks just for the security of knowing I did snug all the port plugs everwhere.
The pictures of the transmissions and oil changes shown are Motofino 125cc and 150cc Scooters. Everything is the same for the 50cc models too.

NOTE: You may choose to use a heavier transmission oil, like a gear oil in 80W, or 90W, or even a 85W-140EP GL5, or GL6 gear oil, if you aren't planning to change it every time you do an oil change. The GL-5 or GL6 rating in gear oils like the mulit-viscosity 85W-140 is an anti-foaming rating. For Scooters either is OK. Gear oils with an EP prefix means the oil is SAE rated as an "Extreme Pressure" type, although not really required in Scooters
Some people get a little in a hurry to change the engine oil on a brand new Motofino scooter. That really isn't such a good idea. Let the engine wear in for 150 to 200 kilometers first. The oil that comes in the scooter is perfectly fine! It is not of inferior quality of all.

Despite all the confusing claims for so-called fine "Motorcycle Oils," Castrol SYNTEC BLEND 10W-40 is a perfect match for any Motofino scooter, and very adequate.

Syntec has a mineral oil content, so it does cling well to internal parts, not just slide off at rest. That's protection! You get the best of both worlds with the slippery low friction of synthetic too. Plus you can get Castrol SYNTEC at Walmart!

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