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Cheaper Scooters at ECOBIKEUSA! Our Mission is to provide you quality Motofino Scooters at the
cheapest possible price consistant with the business conditions and the services we render for
Motofino, on the internet.. We believe in you the customer, and believe you are entitled to honest and
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  This MF50QT-10D is $1379.00
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  The powerful 150cc that looks exactly like this one is
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The proven Motofino MF50QT-10D 50cc - An economical "big Scooter" from ECOBIKEUSA!
This is our attractive model MF50QT-10D Scooter. You may notice that it is exactly like our "Road Work Horse" Scooter, the MF150QT-10D, which isour powerful performer in 150cc, and very popular with serious scooter users because of its many features.
(See the "larger scooter page "for the 150cc Model Specifications)
The design of the MF50QT-10D, offers all the great features and road carrying capacity of our more powerful150cc unit, except it a 50cc engined machine! That means it is cheaper and more economical to operate, and may not be required to license tag annually, , or need a driver with a motorcycle license in some States because it is only a 50cc engine. (Laws vary in States, so check yours?)
MF50QT-10D has a GVWR rating of 550 lbs.
That means it will carry a really large person, or two people. The 10D Model Scooter has always been a great scooter for passenger carrying ability, and it is no different in the 50cc engined version shown here. Of course, it does get wonderful gas mileage too with the smaller engine.
What is different is the MF50QT-10D model is it has a the tuned CVT transmission for maximum speed ability with the small 50cc engine. Motofino engineers have put some extra work into the design! The result is a super stable 35 to 40 MPH machine with incredible load carrying capacity, and terrific economy!
Another difference between the MF50QT-10D, and the 150cc version is the wheel rim is 12", not 13." What this accomplishes is a lower seat height of only 26" for shorter legged people, plus a lower CG for stability. The MF50QT-10D fits in so many ways! get the "big scooter features!"
Engine: 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder,GY6, Forced Air Cooled
Engine Capacity: 49.7cc
Dry Weight: 267 lbs.
Exterior Size: 1980x780x1120 mm (77"x30"x44")
Seat Height: 26"
Chassis: Steel
Instrument Panel: Full, back-lighted
Turn Signal Mirrors: front LED's
Ignition: CDI
Glove Box: Key locking
Transmission: Automatic CVT, "Twist and Go!"
Tire Size: F/R: 4.0-12-4 PR
Front Suspension: Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension: Dual Shocks
Front Brakes: ABS Disc
Rear Brakes: Drum
Starting System: Kick/Electric
Maximum Power: 3.2 HP
GVWR: 550 lbs
Interior Trunk: Key Locking - Under seat box.
Colors Available: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow
MSRP: $ 1,798.00
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