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This page sets forth the conditions and stipulations under which EcobikeUSA sells Motofino Products to you...
EcoBike USA • Motor Scooter/Motorcycle Sales & Service • Hephzibah, GA • (706) 288-1221 E-mail:
First, know that ECOBIKEUSA wants to do all we can to insure you have a wonderful experience with buying a new scooter, or other Motofino product from us. The reality of business is that we must protect ourselves to stay in business and provide you with the products. To accomplish that goal we have set forth a set of conditions under which we can sell to you. Please read what follows as you scroll down the page. Also know that ECOBIKEUSA is available by phone or e-mail to help you through your difficulty if you have one.
CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE -This page contains ECOBIKEUSA's conditions of sale with respect to online and offline sales of Motor Scooters or Cycles to you. You are agreeing to all the conditions of sale on this page by purchasing any vehicle we advertise for sale on this website by the very act of the purchase itself. Please read the following conditions of sale set forth below, and be aware that all these conditions govern all online/internet/e-mail sales to you, without modification of any kind by any outside party, attorney, or financial organization. A small percentage of our selling price has been credited to you in consideration of your agreement to these sales conditions. If you are not of legal age in the state in which you reside, you are prohibited from ordering from ECOBIKEUSA.
If you do not agree with all the listed conditions of sale on this page, do not complete the order and pay for it.
REFUND POLICY- Because of the competitive nature of the new 2-wheeled vehicle market, there is no market provision for returned vehicles. As a result, we do not accept returns, or make refunds! Please be sure of your choices when completing and paying for your order. There are no returns or refunds available under any circumstances because the re-stocking charges would be enormous if it could be done. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Warranty- All warranty for Motofino USA manufactured products are only by Motofino USA, Inc. Please see the warranty page for specifics. ECOBIKEUSA makes no warranty to the end user/buyer/purchaser, or any other entity, and acts only in the limited capacity of an authorized Motofino sales- dealer for MotofinoUSA. ECOBIKEUSA buys warranted new Motofino products, sells, services, and coordinates for you.
Motofino National USA Warehouse & Headquarters
2167 Gordon Highway
Augusta, GA 30909
STATE AND LOCAL LAWS- You are responsible for registering and operating your scooter/s or cycle/s, according to your local and state laws. ECOBIKEUSA makes no representation whatsoever to the laws governing the operation, registration and ownership of your motor scooter/s, or Cycles/s We will provide you an invoice, which will be your "bill of sale" and a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin from Motofino, the"title." ECOBIKEUSA makes no representation that the vehicles you buy are street legal, or legal for operation in your locale or state. It is your responsibility alone to check your local laws before buying and operating any motor scooter or cycle from ECOBIKEUSA.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER AND INDEMNIFICATIONS AGREEMENT IN BEHALF OF ECOBIKEUSA - You, as the ECOBIKEUSA customer/purchaser/buyer, agree on behalf of yourself, and/or your personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin, to specifically release, discharge and covenant, forever, not to sue ECOBIKEUSA, its owners, directors, trustees, officers, members, volunteers, and employees (who are to be considered as "Releasees") , from all and any liability, claims, for losses or damages arising out of any activities associated, or construed to be associated with the purchase or operation of any product or products purchased from ECOBIKEUSA. You further agree that if, despite this release and indemnity agreement, you or anyone on your behalf makes a claim against any of the Releasees, you will indemnify, defend and hold harmless each of the Releasees from any and all litigation expense, attorney fees, loss, liability, damage or costs which also may incur as a result of such claim defense or styled action of any kind. Your release herein is not revokable, and without expiration.

WARNING DISCLOSURE ABOUT MOTORSCOOTER AND CYCLE OPERATION- As a buyer/user/rider you acknowledge that riding activities can impose serious risks and dangers of bodily injury, including but not limited to, disability, paralysis, dismemberment and death. These risks and dangers may be caused by your own actions, or inactions, the actions or inactions of others participating in the activity, or the conditions in which the operation activity takes place, or the negligence of others. There may be other risks involving social and economic losses either known to you, or not known to you, or not readily foreseeable at this time. You warrant that you fully accept and assume all such risks, together with all responsibility for losses, costs, and damages incurred or resulting from your participation in motor scooter riding or cycle activity.

VEHICLE INSPECTION AGREEMENT - As the buyer/purchaser/user of any motor scooter or cycle from ECOBIKEUSA, you warrant you will inspect any unit you buy and take responsibility for doing so before you ride it. You understand you are fully responsible for the vehicle's safe operation, and assume full responsibility for any damage that might occur through improper set-up, unsafe use, shipment receiving, or any accident whatsoever.

FEDEX and DELIVERY ISSUES - EcobikeUSA, a Motofno dealer, and MotofinoUSA, the manufacturer, always deal in good faith. Of that you can be assured. Because we use the premier freight company, FEDEX, or authorized affiliate, we pay them to handle deliveries, because they're fas. reliable, and efficient. Motofino is well known in the industry for how fast we ship out a purchased Motofino product. If something goes wrong with a FEDEX delivery, and we have to re-ship your scooter for whatever reason, at our cost, there is no refund due you of the shipping charges that you have payed for shipping for any reason. Know that delays, for whatever reason will not be grounds for refunds of shipping charges. We use FEDEX because they are trackable, reliable, and good at what they do. You will always be sent a copy of the Fedex Bill of Lading for you shipment which contains the tracking number for it. It is always our mutual intent that you receive your scooter in perfect condition as fast as possible!

BUYER CHANGES DELIVERY METHODS WITH FEDEX - If you ask for a change in delivery method with FedEX after your order is processed and in transit, which results in greater service charges for your freight shipment, you agree to pay all the stated charges as quoted by FedEx. You also agree to immediately pay for them through ECOBIKEUSA, who is responsible to pay in advance. Please note it may not be possible to make delivery method changes with FedEx, once underway, so be sure of your initial election of delivery method.

FINAL UNCRATING OF VEHICLES AND ASSEMBLY - You understand you alone are responsible for the final assembly of any unit you buy from ECOBIKEUSA. You will only install and hook-up the battery, check the oil levels, inflate the tires to safe driving pressures, check all bolts and fittings for security, install mirrors, and be sure the brakes function. You will also check all safety lighting to be sure it is functional. If you are in doubt on any final assembly item, you will need employ a qualified motorcycle mechanic, Lawn mower, or other mechanic to perform these items for you. ECOBIKEUSA is in no way obligated to assist you in this activity, but will offer information and assistance to you to the fullest extent possible by phone and e-mail.

PRICES - ECOBIKEUSA's Motofino product prices are subject to change with production costs, or currency revaluations, and may do so at any time, however we honor always any price quoted you at the time you buy and place your order! It is a "done deal" at the time you buy!

PRODUCT WARRANTIES - ECOBIKEUSA, an authorized Motofino factory dealer, offers no warranty on any product sold, except that of the of Motofino USA, the manufacturer. See FAQ Page

SPECIFICATIONS - ECOBIKEUSA disclaims responsibility for complete accuracy in all pictures and specifications shown on this website, which are supplied by MotofinoUSA. Specifications are subject to manufacturing changes, however minor. ECOBIKEUSA strives to show accurate scooter specifications for every model.

DIFFICULTIES - If you have a technical problem you cannot resolve you may want to discuss it. ECOBIKEUSA will help you work through any difficulties to the fullest extent possible should they arise. We appreciate your business and can often quickly resolve your issue if you will call us! Our telephone number is (706) 288-1221. We are usually available after hours. ECOBIKEUSA has access to Motofino Factory Telephone support too, which can also be used to clear your difficulty if necessary.

ECOBIKEUSA MAILED PARTS and SCOOTER ITEMS- Various non-Motofino general scooter parts we mail to you are insured. if you do not receive your mailed order within 12 days, kindly contact us and let us know. We will recover our loss and re-mail you a duplicate order! The idea is to provide these items with as low a shipping cost as possible. The U.S. Mail rarely misses anything!
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