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Sorry, MotoFino Electric Scooters have been discontinued.
Flat rate shipping is $150.00 to any location
east of the Mississippi River, and $245.00 for
locations West of the River.
MF5E-7 Colors are Yellow/Siver- Blue/Silver, and Red/Silver
So where does the Motofino Electric Scooter Fit?
Just about everywhere where transportation is needed and there isn't difficult fast traffic! The Motofino Electric scooter is perfect for neighborhood travel. Campus use, Constructiion sites, Industrial buldings, Parks, Beach areas. If mingled with auto traffic it has to be some place autos are not allowed to exceed 35 miles and hour for safety reasons.
Anyone can drive one these! Easy!
From a road use standpoint it is considered a MOPED, or in the under 50cc category. There is enough range to get around OK
This is of some importance to those who live in States that require their drivers to become motorcycle licensed to drive anything that goes faster then 30 MPH. Mopeds in many states do not have to be registered so their is no tag fee. Most states require Moped drivers to have a driver's license. You need to verify your state and city/county law before buying a electric vehicle.
Why would I want one?
There are a lot of reasons why. No air pollution for a major, but another biggy is to forget the gasoline and cost! Low cost of maintenance, no oil changes, convenient and super cheap to operate. Roadworthy and well made. Equipped for street use. What we have built for you is a roadworthy snappy electric scooter. Just as structurally strong and well equipped to handle the street as any of our gasoline models, but without the gas!

In order to get longer distances between charges we designed the speed controllers to be miserly on battery current consumption and sacrificed maximum speed to acheive the best balance and usefulness. Sure we can make one that will do 60, but what use is it practically if it will only go 5 miles? Instead we've built a machine with gobs of utility, which will run 22 to 26 miles and hour, for 35 miles . Further, too, if you drive slower and don't climb the hills too much. It depends on terrian and your weight mostly for best speed and range.

For an awful lot of people this electrical scooter is a real winner. No maintenance chores either, except keep the tires inflated, and plug in the charger! No oil changes! No safety hazards from gasoline! Just freedom to get where you're going comfortably! This guy uses 4-lawn mower type lead acid Batteries as a power source.

For motor scooter riders the transition from a gas scooter to an electric one is a little strange. You still have the aggressive start offs, but the silence is deafening! All you hear is a gentle whirring noise!

After about 377 battery re-charges you may need to replace the main Motofino 48 volt battery. Batteries are priced at about $150.00. So, if you figure 377 x 30, you have 11,310 miles per battery!

Guess what? If you had a gas scooter that got say 75 MPG, you would use 150.8 gallons of gas to drive the same distance. At $3.00 per gallon, you would have spent $452.00 to drive the same distance! The battery is 3 times less expensive, and that does not consider the oil changes and other mantenance you didn't have to do, make, or pay for!
Includes this plug-in battery charger. I suggest you plug in
to charge it every night
Driving differences in a Motofino Electric
compared to a Gasoline Motor Scooter
There are a few differences in driving a Motofino Electric compared to our gasoline powered scooters. The most noticeable is the steering at slow speeds. The turning tension is a lot less at speeds below 8 MPH, so keep the handle bars aligned straight ahead at take off, and hold them aligned firmly. Once forward speed is built beyond about 8 MPH, steering is about at the same tension as a gasoline scooter. ( But really , the biggest difference of all is NO GASOLINE! )
When you twist the throttle about like you would for a gasoline scooter on a Motofino electric scooter, starting forward from a full stop, you will bolt forward which is shocking and a big surprise if you are not expecting it! Twist the throttle grip barely open, very slowly when starting out. When you are moving very slowly with the throttle almost at full closed, you will hear a pulsing rachet noise. This is caused by the pulsing motor controller for the engine. Don't worry, that is normal. Once you fully open the throttle, that noise disappears and all you hear is a quiet hum sound. You can actually hear the birds sing in the morning while riding your Electric Motofino!
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