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Cheaper Scooters at ECOBIKEUSA - And our Mission Statement

Q. What should I do first if I decide to buy a scooter from EcobikeUSA?

1. Review the EcobikeUSA Legal Conditions of sale page.

2. Pick out the scooter that catches your eye the most! E-mail or call us with the model and color that you were interested in. Leave your name and phone number if you don't reach us. We will call you back as soon as possible with your quote!

3. Decide whether you would like to get your MotoFino scooter sent straight to your door or if you'd rather pick it up from the nearest FedEx Freight Terminal. With residential drop off, there will be an additional charge.

Q. How do I pay for my Order?

1. We take payment over the phone at (706) 360-9455!

2. Mail a Bank Cashier's check or U.S. Post Office Money Orders only to:
Manager EcoBike USA
2167 Gordon Hwy, Augusta, GA 30909

Nothing is shipped or reserved for you until payment is made and received in full. Payments mailed to us which are not U.S. Postal Service Money orders will be returned!

Q. Why do you require me to call in my credit card data by telephone to buy from EcobikeUSA?

A. To protect you against identity theft, and protect us from loss. Credit card computer based fraud and identity theft is rampant online. We use a secure card terminal at EcobikeUSA to process card transactions. Your personal information is safe!

Q. Are Motofiino vehicles EPA approved?
A. Yes, in all States except California, in which we have not completed qualification for as yet, due to the rapid changes in California air quality law and their politics.

Q. What other Federal standards does Motofino meet?
A. In addition to Federal EPA Emissions standards, Motofino meets EPA Noise Standards, and meets or exceeds Federal Highway Safety Standards.

Q. Will my MotoFino scooter be ready to ride as soon as I recieve it?
A. Yes! Before it leaves the warehouse to your door or nearest freight terminal, everything is completely set up and ready to ride! It is included within your price and makes it so your warranty is active as soon as you recieve your beautiful MotoFino! The only thing you have to do is put on the mirrors which is a very simple task.

Q, Do you charge Sales Tax?
A. Only if you are a resident of Georgia. Other than that, no.

Q. How good is the Motofio Warranty?
A. Solid, honored 100% as stated on the Motofino Warranty page.

Q. Where can I get training on riding a scooter or motorcycle?
A. Sometimes from your State offices. You can also contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The (MSF) conducts excellent courses on riding and safety in several locations throughout the United States. I highly recommend them.

Q. Can I track my scooter shipment?
A. Definetly. When your MotoFino is shipped out, we will recieve a tracking number for you to copy and paste into to see where your shipment is!

Q. How much do the Motofino scooters weigh?
A. Anywhere from 210 pounds to 280 pounds, just depending on what model. Check out the specifications on the model you are interested in and you should be able to find out.

Motofino cooperates with FedEx to run promotions on shipping costs to the customer as much as possible. Business conditions, fuel costs, several other location and service area factors affect cost. Costs do change, often significantly. EcobikeUSA is happy to quote your total shipping cost for you at the time of sale. That cost is based on the FedEx services you wish to have and your delivery area code.
Red Area - 1 Day
Blue Area - 2 Days
Yellow Area -3 Days
Green Area - 4 Days
Purple Area - 5 Days

Please revise the following:
1. FedEx may, or can, impose fuel surcharges at any time. We will advise you should that become a reality on a pending order from you.

2 . FedEX does not deliver on weekends and holidays.

3 . Shipping rates are subject to change at FedEX. has a rate increase. For an exact rate quote to your location please call!

4. Special handling, and notifications will cost more. Ask about them.


Click - Use this link for tracking FedEx Regional Southeast United States.
Click- Use this link for tracking FedEx National Shipments for Northern and Western States.
What if FedEX damages my Scooter in shipment, and something is broken, or damaged ?

1. Sign for your scooter "condtionally," and state on the FedEX receiving document: "Shipping Acceptance subject to inspection of contents for damage." Note this with the driver when a container appears damaged in transit. Containers are especially rugged and although the outside appearance may look rough, any real damage inside is very unlikely. Even so, close inspection is important! Check it out!

2. If your scooter in fact is damaged, save the box and shipping label. Contact FedEX to make a claim. FedEx will work with you to fix, repair, or replace your scooter.

3. Motofino cannot file the claim with FedEx for you, but works to support you through FedEX channels under the contract. Motofino uses FedEX because they provide excellent service and full support for scooter shipments including damage issues. Shipment damage is extremely unlikely due to Motofino warehouse scooter packing procedures, inspections, and methods.

What is the EXACT FedEX charges for my Scooter in Shipment?
4 . It will take us a little time to get an exact shipment cost on your shipment to your ZIP code. We can do it and let you know.
Modern business conditions world-wide in the Scooter industry change rapidly. Therefore, ECOBIKEUSA
reserves the right to raise or lower Motofino prices as necessary without prior notice to you. If it is necessary to change a price from what is advertised on this website you will be informed before you commit to buy that item! We do update our online prices for the item as quickly as practiceable. Thank you for your understanding.

Have a great Motofino day!
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