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Motofino Owner Expectations...
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Getting Started Knowing Motofino

What you want in a Scooter is certainly a bundle of issues surrounding you and your preferences. So it's very personal. This page is kind of a commentary by EcobikeUSA, in an attempt to talk about the most basic issues. Let's first discuss a little background on Motofino scooter production.
Motofino scooters are manufactured in China with international parts sourcing in a group of Motofino owned factories. Engineering research is ongoing to find the best and least expensive method to produce product.
Motofino scooters for the U.S. market have to meet a long list of EPA emissions and noise requirements, while meeting or exceeding applicable federal highway safety standards. To this end, Motofino strives to make the best product at the cheapest possible price to you, without sacrificing quality!
Things are looked at very hard before your scooter ever gets crated to bring to the U. S. MotofinoUSA warehouse in Augusta Georgia, where it is eventually shipped to you, or floored by the many Motofino dealers throughout the United States. Each scooter goes through serious QC, and is actually driven. What you get in a Motofino Scooter is a thoughtfully designed scooter and product that works out of the "box."

What Gas Mileage will a typical Motofino scooter driver get?

That question varies some with the way you drive, and where, and if you keep your tires inflated and if you use the right fuel octane gas. People of average weight get about these figures on the stock Motofino.

50cc Moped CVT Scooters - Somewhere in the 85 to 105 MPG Range.
80cc Scooter CVT Scooter- Somewhere in the 80 to 100 MPG Range.
125 cc CVT Scooters - Somewhere in the 70 to 90 MPG Range.
150 cc CVT Scooters - Somewhere in the 60 to 80 MPG Range.

There are people getting more gas mileage than than shown, but they may drive more miles at slower speeds. Then there are those who never change oil on mileage targets and never thought about their dirty air filter, or changing the spark plug ever, so they get poorer gas mileage. Their idea is do maintenance only when it quits!
What about Fuel Types and Grades? Does that affect performance? Yes, it does! The Honda style overhead valve GY6 engines in Motofino Scooters are timing set to use 89, or 92 Octane fuels. They will burn any grade of gasoline, but not as efficiently, nor with the same power output, so you'll run a tad slower on 87. A big item for best gas mileage is also properly inflated tires!
"The absolute best fuel economy speed on any model Motofino Scooter is driving in the 25 to 35 mile an hour range, and avoiding running the throttle up and down abruptly. Back off on the throttle when you know you're going to be stopping. Warm the Scooter up by running for 3 minutes before driving. For heavens sake never forget to retract your kickstand before driving off, and be sure it is down securely before you leave your scooter parked, or use the centerstand, and walk away!"
Important Note on Gasoline Fuels and Grades
With the increase in oil costs, and the changes in refined gasoline formulas for seasonal use, and other factors, we are seeing sometimes a wide variance in the amount of alcohol content put in our fuels. Up to 10% doesn't seem to create too much harm. Above that is trouble. Ethyl grain alcohol is an octane booster being used more now. Alcohol is a lousy fuel, since it evaporates very quickly, but that's not the worse thing. The worse thing is it attracts water out of the atmosphere, and water does not burn! What happens in our scooters is two-fold. (1) Water dilutes fuel, and makes our engine run lean. (2) Alcohol is a powerful solvent, and can eat certain carburetor parts eventually. (3) When an Alcohol content fuel is mixed with the old MTBE octane booster content fuel, you get a sludge in your carb jets. Gumming up the jets will make the scoot not start or run right! Lots of people who have scooter trouble don't know it may be only bad gas! Always buy 92, and know the alcohol content!

What is the "real story" on Motofino Scooters? Am I going to have any trouble with it?

There is strong probability you won't have any troubles. At the same time, motor scooters by their very nature are subject to annoying problems like light bulbs that burn out, eventually, and bolts that gradually loosen from operating road vibrations. Particularly bolts which attach mufflers, which are subject to vibrations in the ultra-sonic range due to the high RPM engine operation. It really pays you dividends to inspect all critical bolts on any scooter every six months or so if you use your machine a lot, and at the time you first place your scooter in service. Know that the exhaust header acorn nuts that attach your muffler to the engine require a check for tight every 60 days. Some people use locktite on these nuts.
Finally, know that taking care of a motor scooter requires more attention to the details of rigorous personal inspection, or the maintenance of making sure bolts and hardware are tight, than an automobile. Small problems on a scooter can elevate to much larger more expensive issues if not taken care of immediatey. This is true whatever brand motorscooter you decide to own. All Motofino Scooters undergo extensive inspection before they are crated. Even driven. You can tell because if you look at a spark plug on a brand new scooter you've never fired up, you can see the engine has been run. That running is done during EPA emissions testing. It is your responsibility to insure your safety and the longevity of your scooter to perform inspections and maintenance as necessary, and to maintain it in good condition for your own safety.

The most difficult area of troubles which defy control in a new scooter is the chance something has vibrated loose in transit. This can be anything from causing a horn not to function, a wire coming off a terminal, a light burned out when lit, and so on. These difficulties are often easy to fix. If you require a new part Motofino is good about replacing an item like this, so you will have the full benefit of your new scooter. The person to contact in the event of an originally defective part is Dave Richeson. Or you can talk to Tom Simpson. Both are available in Augusta, Georgia at 706-733-1355.

One thing is highly unlikely... That is any problem with a Motofino engine. They are really sound and will serve you well, provided you change the engine oil at intervals. Transmission oil should be changed when the oil is changed. You can do both these things yourself in 20 minutes or less. Keep a log of when you've done this item. If a pro shop does it, keep the receipt to tell when it was last done?

What Kinds of Trouble have you had as a Motofino Dealer on new Scooters?
1. I've had a blinker module quit. Order a new one. Last check the cost was $14.00 This is not a frequent problem.
2 . People have called to explain their 50cc bike runs much slower than they expected. The problem was they did not fully inflate their tires!
3. One person explained the inner plastic fender tore off on the rear wheel. The trouble was the bolts holding it in place loosened over time.
4. A customer called to tell me his scooter would not start. The starter motor worked. Problem was he forgot to put the Kill-Run switch in "Run."
5. A person called in to say his horn did not work. The horn was originally defective. We explained how to replace it and sent him a new one.
6. Trying to improve a 50cc, a customer removed an insert in the airbox tube to let more air in. This caused the scooter to lose its critical air-fuel
mixture balance by allowing too much air to the carburetor. His scooter ran very poorly! Restoring the piece to the air in-take tube fixed it.
7. An owner's scooter always died, and the engine quit at stoplights. All he needed was an idle speed adjustment. A quick and easy to fix.
8. Rear brake does not work good. This was caused by the rear brake detent nut not being tightened enough, a normal adjustment done when the scooter is set-up for the first time. Easy to do. I directed him to his owner's manual.
9. A left rear turn signal didn't work, but the bulb was good. The wire snap connector to the turn signal light was not tight and in place.
10. A man went to use his scooter and it wouldn't start. Nothing. Turns out he had left the ignition key on. He had to re-charge his battery.
11. An owner was putting his new scooter in service. None of the lights would work. The white plastic fuse holder in the red lead in the battery box was cracked open an not snapped shut. The fuse was loose in the holder and not making electrical contact.
12. This is the most serious I've ever had in terms of difficulty to find. A scooter's tachometer would not work. After much wire tracing I found out the sensor lead from the tach to the engine ignition coil primary was never placed and was missing! This has never happened again.
13. An owners front brake handle depressed too far before braking action was initiated. The DOT brake fluid in the handlebar reservoir was just a little low, and there were no brake fluid leaks. Bringing the reservoir to the full level solved the problem.
14. A valve cover vent hose got kinked in shipment. Oil backed up as a result and the engine blew mountains of white smoke! Unkinked the hose solved the whole proble.

What is the most important thing I can do to protect myself and my Scooter investment?
Aside from always wearing a helmet when you drive, get your new Bike or Scooter checked out by a professional mechanic! Riding Lawn Mower Mechanics are also a resource for you since they are very familiar with engines and controls!
Even if you place it in service yourself, get it inspected as soon as possible. Mechanics know what to examine on a Bike that is important to your safety and the proper function of the machine. They deal with repairing and analyzing vehicles of this type everyday. You likely do not. What happens is a trained eye can see something important quickly, and you may not! Paying the mechanic for this service and keeping your receipt for such an inspection may well save you some work and annoyance down the road.

Recently, a lady bought a new Motofino Scooter she really enjoys riding. It was a new Motofino 125cc, an upgrade from her old Motofino 50cc. As bum luck would have it, the front brake line hose was lose. and routed such that it touched pressed up against the front tire. A problem that happened during shipment, or from her drving off-road. On the way back from work one day, her front brake failed, as the tire had wore a hole through the hose, and her brake fluid leaked out! Dangerous! Fortunately she intelligently was able to navigate home carefully at a slower speed using only her rear brake. Motofino replaced the damaged hose immediately. However, all of this worry and trouble could have been avoided if her first trip was to a professional mechanic to inspect her scooter. Perhaps she could have found and corrected it herself had she carefully followed all the new scooter set-up instruction on this website, but nobody is perfect!

Motofino is a responsible company. They will do all they can to make things right, but taking responsibility for new scooter set-up is sometimes an issue that will affect your warranty. Motofino could have taken the position the hose would not be replaced. Their policy is that a Motofino buyer should seek set-up by a professional, to protect themselves, and the buyer. The worst can and does happen sometimes if you don't know how, don't find out, or don't read the instructions!

Do your part to select the right Motofino scooter for you! The purpose you intend to use a scooter for decides everything when it comes to engine size and style. Consider one of our larger engine sized scooters if you intend to run at higher loads and speeds. and for longer distances. A larger engine helps a bunch to maintain good speeds in hilly terrain too. Also one which features dual front and rear disc braking for optimal stopping power. You'll discover however, that braking is more than adequate for every Motofino model. Otherwise they wouldn't meet NHTSA standards. They all have good balance and are easy to drive well too, because the center of gravity is also correct.Another truth is the body panels are very strong, and don't dry out and crack.

Expect your 50cc moped scooter to be well suited for running errands at slower speeds, like up to 38 MPH. These machines were not designed to achieve sustained speeds of over 40 MPH, and are not really designed for driving constantly with the throttle wide open for hours on end, especially if it is hot outside and if you overload the scooter! Learn to back off on the throttle for a couple minutes every once in awhile to allow the drive belt system cool. No manufacturer makes a 50cc designed for constant high speeds and heavy loads , and neither does Motofino. While you probably won't damage your Motodno engine by running it flat-out constantly, you will accelerate drive belt wear. The 50cc is first and foremost made for economical quick transportation in cities and towns where traffic is slower, so you don't have to run at max speed all the time. These engines are really great and rugged in all the Motofino 50cc Moped models, and get 90 to 100 MPG for most drivers, so the gas economy is fantastic!

Can a completely non-mechanical type buy a new Motofino in a crate and operate it successfully? Absolutely Yes! They have been designed and crated so you can do just that! If you have no idea whatsoever on how to use a screwdriver and a wrench, adjustments will be a challenge maybe at first. The best thing is that Motofino scooters are in fact, fully assembled. You don't have to assemble it, or any of that nonsense.You do need to learn about how things work, and get some help if you don't understand its basic operation.

The thing is, Motofino scooters are simple to maintain and adjust. You are going to want to make simple adjustments, like idle speed, and brake cable tensions, or change a spark plug. These adjustments are easily made. Some are required just after engine break-in. Changing engine oil, for example. You will find you are capable of doing it all , and save yourself some money! You may even enjoy doing it! EcobikeUSA will help you with explaining things that may at first confuse you. We encourage our customers to call us for support!

Successful scooter ownership does require a little "tool savvy," but no big deal. Just part of being a scooter user-owner. No doubt you can put your new scooter in service using our set-up instructions, To fully enjoy all the benefits of scooter ownership, you will learn a little bit about scooter mechanics just by doing it, or you may hire it done at first. Some things are explained in the manual that comes with the scooter. You can download and view a manual here. If you're completely new to scooters you can always call us for guidance and best practices for maintenance. We're glad to share what works! Most basic maintenance issues are explained on this website for Motofino scooters.

Finally, a new scooter owner would do well to get help when from either a motorcycle mechanic, or a riding lawn mower mechanic. Motofino scooters are easy to maintain once you learn a little about them and their adjustments.
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