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EcoBike USA Motor Scooter/Motorcycle Sales & Service Hephzibah, GA Telephone(706) 360-9455 E-mail:
EcoBike USA • Motor Scooter/Motorcycle Sales & Service • Hephzibah, GA •(706) 360-9455
Motofino Accessories, Scooter Covers, Racks, Trunk, Battery Charger,
Digital Electrical Test Meter, Tire Pressure Gauge, Etc.
Motofino Scooter Covers
Cover "QT" is for smaller 50cc Scooters - They Fit!
Cover "Universal," is larger sized and fits the 150-10D,
or 50-10D, and other 125cc and 150cc Motofino .
Motofino Scooter Cover -   Special high
quality material made to be ruggedy protective and sun
reflective. Tough durable, light weight covering for your
scooter! It can be stored easily in your scooter trunk and
put to use whenever you can't put the scooter inside, or
are parked somewhere. The cover cover comes in its
own zippered storage bag. Either cover has grommet
rings installed at the rear lower apron to allow pass
through of a locking cable, or chain for the rear wheel if
you use one. Helps scooter stay new and protects it from
the outdoor damage of heat, rain, dirt, and dust.
EcobikeUSA Price $32.00
  for your Motofino
Mounted Rack Unit.
Motofino Scooter Trunks and Racks
You can get order a Rack alone, or a Rack and Trunk for
your Motofino from ECOBKEUSA! These units are strong
and durable.. Trunks come in all Motofino colors except
Orange. (Use black.)
1. The Rack alone is $49.95 They are bright chromed Steel, and
mount with the existing bolts on your QT-2 Model scooter.
For other models, that already have a rack mounted,
use that rack and the mount bars and hardware that comes with the
trunk unit You may have to custom drill more holes in the Trunk Unit
bottom to create a custom fit for your model with the 2 mount bars
supplied with a trunk unit. The addtional trunk base mount unit may,
or may not be needed, depending on the model scooter.
2. The Trunk units are available in all standard Motofino colors except
Orange, and come with mounting bars, keys, mount pad and
hardware. Trunk Units are $89.95 ea . There is a FedEx shipping
charge of $20.00 if both are ordered together. Ordered separately the
charge is $15..00 for the large QT-2 Trunk, and $10.00 for a rack.
Under-side of seat back rest on Motofino QT-2 Model.
Motofino trunk will fit your helmet plus some stuff!
Inside dimensions 15.5'' Long, 14.5" Wide, bottom
section, 7.5"deep, !2" deep - lid closed.
QT-2 LargeTrunk Price is
Motofino trunk has large rear reflector, seat
back pad on the front, and comes with 2- Keys.
Available in all Standard Motofino colors, but
Motofino Scooter Trunks have scalloped race
indentations which don't show up in picture on
the sides, and a BMW Badge on top.
Click in this picture to view the trunk installation
.pdf instruction .
Instructions - If you are installing a rack on a QT-2 model, you must
first remove the seatback frame held to the scooter with 4 each 6mm
screwbolts. Use the hex wrench supplied in your toolkit to do it. Next,
secure the rack to the underside of the seatback frame you removed
using two 8mm 1/2 inch long 8mm bolts that have a 10mm nut heads.
If you bought the trunk unit too, it comes with a hardware pack, and you
can get those screws from it. If you bought just the rack, you will need
to got to a autoparts store, etc and buy two-short 8mm bolts, two flat
washers, and two lockwashers. That should so about .82 cents at
Napa Auto Parts.
QT-2 Rack - $49.95
This solid bar chrome steel rack
for Motofino QT-2 Models also fits
many other retro style scooters.
Rack permits plenty of room for
fueling your scooter when on, and
is level with the scooter.
Contents of parts and hardware kit that come with a Motofino Trunk Unit.
Depending on which model Motofino scooter you are mounting a trunk unit upon you may not need all these parts and the hardware supplied.
This QT-6 trunk normally comes included with our Motofino model MF-50QT-6 Scooter, which is nice! We do, however, sell the QT-6 trunks alone, which you can install, as you see fit on any scooter. The trunk unit comes with 2 keys for the lock, and a package of universal mounting hardware You can replace yours, or put it one an entirely different scooter. They come in standard Motofino QT-6 colors which are deep red, yellow, blue, and black. These QT-6 style trunks are very durable.

Note that the QT-6 trunks will not fit your helmet, but will hold a few books, and other smaller items just fine like tools, a scooter cover, your lunch, and whatever...
Application Notes- About MotofinoTrunks
Remember, you do not need a chrome steel rack to mount a trunk on a scooter which is not a MFQT2 Model. That means any scooter which is not a "Retro"
Style. See rack photo above. You can see you always need a rack to support a trunk unit. The difference, is some Scooters come with a rack in place, already,
like the one that comes on on our MF50QT-6 model, or an MF50QT-10D, etc,
If you want to put a trunk on a model that does not come with a trunk, but has the rear rack with space for it. You would simply buy the trunk unit in the color of
your choice and mount it on the existing back rack that is already on your Scooter. The Trunk unit comes with all the mount hardware you will need. You may, or
may not, need to use the black under-trunk support mount pad, however. There is some mounting flexibility among different models. Use the bolts and clamp
bars provided with the trunk to work out what is best and strongest for you.
Pictured at the right is a rack that comes on the Motofino MF50QT-10D and MF150-QT-10D
To mount a trunk unit on one, you would simply pass the bolts through the slot openings
on the rack and secure the Trunk unit with the hardware clamps, washers and nuts provided.

If your Scooter is Orange in color we do not have Trunk unit in that color. We suggest you use
a Black one.
Typical Rack Unit that comes on various scooter models .
for Cycles, ATV's and Motor Scooters
This charger is perfectly suited to charge, or trickle charge Scooter, Motorcycle, and ATV batteries of the sealed lead acid type. These kinds of batteries need to be charged slowly, at low current charge rates, to prevent battery damage, and to realize a long, useful, battery life. This one is perfectly desgned for Scooter batteries of that 12 volt type. You can use it to float charge, or charge, any 12V DC re-chargeable battery, of course.
Motofino's use a Yuasa high quality sealed lead-acid type battery which really needs charging before the battery is installed, since it only has about an 80% charge after you initially pour the acid into the battery. As wonderful as these new VLRA batteries are, they will self-discharge if your scooter is not driven regularly. You end up having to use your kickstarter, or re-charge the battery with an item like this. Using a regular battery charger will charge the battery at too high a current rate and destroy it. You can connect this charger and have your battery charged in 6 to 12 hours depending on its capacity, and the severity of discharge.
The ECOBIKEUSA battery charger has an output of 13.8 Volts at 500 milliamperes DC. It contains a regulator circuit and red LED to show when the charger is plugged in to a 115V wall outlet and in use. Use instructions included. To learn more about sealed lead acid batteries refer to the Yuasa PDF on our New Scooter Set-up Page.
This Charger is not fragile and has good strong copper battery clips and a durable cord set. A fully charged battery is indicated when the open circuit battery terminal voltage reads 12.5 Volts, 10 minutes after you remove the charger. You might think you don't need the right Charger, but our experience says you do... It has saved us a lot of trouble and expense from time to time in our shop.
We use this Multi-Tester for everything like checking battery charge level, tracing wires, checking voltage regulators, checking CDI units, reading spark coil resistance, measuring voltage points, checking alternator function, reading continuity of magneto coils and starter solenoids, checking for presence and continuity of grounds, checking for open lamps, fuses, testing for voltage, and everything Motor Scooter electrical.
Service Manual for Motofino GY6 Engines with parts lists and assembly diagrams.
So, get accurate readings for DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, resistance, transistor test, diode test, and battery test. Easy-to-read 3-1/2 digit LCD readout, positive set selector switch, and 32" leads, with Batteries installed.
  • Automatic zero adjust, no hassle, quick use, with instructions.
  • Overange indicator
  • 2.5x second sample time, positive on-off switch
  • Low battery indicator
  • Fuse and diode protected circuit
  • DC-A: 0-200A-2000 A-20mA-200mA ; Resistance: 0-200-2000-20K-200K-2000K ohm; DC-V:0-200mV-2000mV-20V-200V-1000V ; AC-V: 0-200-75
    This is what we consider an indispensable tool in our shop. A decent accurate rugged little general purpose DVM we use for Scooter electrical trouble-shooting! Over the years we've been through using several different DVM's in the shop. They either break, or the leads are too short to reach the test point we're interested in, or the test leads come out of the unit, or they have to be zeroed each time you use it, and gee, just a hassle with lots of other cheap meters that couldn't stand daily use in our Scooter shop. This unit solves our problem and we think you'll like it too! No hassle readings. The leads aren't wimpy and so they stay connected. The test leads are each 32 inches long. You don't have to change the batteries all the time. The digits are big enough on the thing to read them. Ha. we've dropped it a few times and it still works! Comes with use instructions you probably won't need. The bright case color helps too. You won't step on it as easily when on the floor because it is easier to see. Bright Orange.
    Get a genuine Motofino Factory Service Manual in PDF form on a CD
    Written by Mr. Dave Richeson, the famous Motofino service guru, this CD is an education and a reference for anyone who wants to know in depth the complete technical information for all Motofino GY6 Engines from 50 to 150cc. It is about the various mechanical details and settings, wear tolerances, troubleshooting, and specifications for all Motofino GY6 Engines from 50 to 150cc with their differences clearly explained. Even tells you what tools to use for certain operations.
    "If you can read English and look at pictures, you can work on any Motofino GY6 engine and transmission." The CD also contains illustrated parts lists for 50, 125, and 150cc Motofino Scooter Models.
    This CD covers in full detail, the carburetors, magnetos, CVT's and their parts and assemblies, and the engines themselves, complete with all details. Like how to set engine timing, valves and adjustments, ignition system components, even selecting spark plug types. Just everything there is to know about the Motofino GY6 engine, its break-down, sub-systems and adjustments in a easy "How to" format with troubleshooting information. The really great thing about the CD are the pictures and drawings provided to show clearly how things are assembled and adjusted. That, and the fact it "cuts to the quick," with only the information you really need, like bolt torques, and clear written detail on how things are put together and what clearances to measure. It took Mr. Richeson years to gather and research the information to write this manual. The wealth of experience will be obvious in value to you when you see it!
    Complete service manual for the MotoFino GY6 e ngine .
    This manual covers the 50cc, 125cc and 150cc MotoFino GY6 engine. This is the same manual that is used at our dealer training facility in Augusta, Georgia.
    Avaliable on CD for $19.95 or a printed shop manual for $39.95, plus $10.00 FedEx shipping to the lower 48 states. If you live outside of the 48 states e-mail for instructions on how to get the manual. This is an important tool for any scooter repair shop or scooter owner.
    ECOBIKEUSA 2" Chromed Brass Tire Pressure Gauge
    Low Tire Pressure makes the Scooter run slower! We trust this one.
    The safety issue is that low tire pressure also causes pre-mature side-wall tire failure! What?
    That's right! You see, scooter tires are designed for a certain amount of sidewall flexing under a load at the recommended inflation pressure. If the tire is low in pressure for an extended period of time, greater flexing of the tire sidewall occurs. This excessive flex movement wears out the internal tire side wall chords, so they break down and fail! You don't want to be aboard a scooter with a side wall chord tire failure... It doesn't have to happen.
    We at ECOBIKEUSA encourage you to maintain your tire pressure!
    If you have an accurate tire gauge use it. If not, we recommend this one for rugged accurate use. It is a quality unit that is easy to use and read. It should last you a very long while. We use one just like it for ourselves and in the shop. It is the a "high reading retain type." You push the stem valve button to release the reading.
  • Large easy-to-read dial- Accurate Readings
  • Retains pressure reading high
  • Quick pressure release valve
  • Chrome plated brass housing
  • Shatterless hard polycarbonate lens
  • Entirely rubber covered for additional drop protection.
  • Maintenance free, except battery acid will cloud lense.
    Very helpful- Motofino handlebar tie-downs
    only 14.95 a set. Fits Motofino and all other
    Custom Motofino Scooter Tie-Down Sale $19.95 a Set
    If you transport your scooters on a trailer you will find these tie-down straps important to getting the job done safely without scaring or
    damaging the scooter. A "Must have item" for safe trailer transport. Very rugged and strong!
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