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Motofino FedEx Freight Scooter Shipment Page
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FedEx, because of proven performance in shipment for Motofino Scooter products, FedEX is the only Motofino Scooter Freight Shipping company we use. When you buy a motor scooter from us, and pay for the shipping, you have full protection for your shipment, and are insured against damage or loss, but there are certain procedures you must follow to have the full advantage of your FedEx insured shipment. This is an explanation of how it all works for you, and things you should know. Especially if there is a problem with your shipment.
Shipping Details
First, all Motor Scooter shipments originate from the Motofino National Warehouse, at 2167 Gordon Hwy; Augusta GA 30909. Scooters are carefully inspected to be absolutely positive they are in perfect condition before they are released to FedEx to ship to you. During this shipping "make ready" process, the shipping carton is re-banded and your unique label is pasted in place along with a taped on envelope from Motofino explaining set-up information, or any late breaking information Motofino wants you to have for that particular unit. A whole host of careful inspections are completed, for your benefit, Motofino, and for FedEx. FedEX requires certain procedures and inspections be done before they will accept the unit for shipment.

At the Time of FedEX Truck Loading
When your scooter is actually loaded on the FedEX truck, a Freight Bill of Lading is issued. This Bill of Lading may contain your tracking number, and it will be sent to you by EcobikeUSA as soon as it is avaibable. If the Bill of Lading does not contain a tracking number, it will be sent to you as soon as it is in the FedEx tracking system and available. Sometimes this does not happen for 24 hours or more, due to different routing and collecting procedures in use by FedEx. Either way, your Bill of Lading proves your shipment is on its way, yet sometimes it will be necessary to send you your tracking number later, and as soon as available.

Receiving your New Motofino from FedEx
When the Scooter arrives, it is up to you with the driver, to inspect the shipment to be sure there is no damage. If there is damage, show the driver the damage, so he can agree with what is obvious, and note that on the FedEx receiving form. MotofinoUSA will replace any part immediately for you, and FedEx will pay for the part and the labor to fix your scooter. You must ask the driver for a claim form at the time of delivery and the damage must be documented and noted on the driver's delivery form. For minor damage, this is the quickest easiest way to proceed for simple damage items, but you must be pro-active in the inspection process with the driver. Fortunately damage is an exception, and rarely happens. That is why we use FedEx. They will pay you if you do sustain damage in shipment, but you have to speak up and file the claim.

Hidden Damage, and your Procedures
Because you have an insured shipment you are entitled to recover losses you have from any hidden damage as well. You have up to 7 days from the date your received your FedEx shipment to file a claim and be oaid by FedEx for any damages you sustain. FedEx may well send an inspector to visit you to verify your damage. To protect yourself even more fully, it is always good to sign for the shipment conditionally as OK, and note when you sign for it on the sheet "OK, subject to detailed inspection," if you believe there is a possibility of shipping damage. A good indicator of possible shipping damage that may be hidden can be evidenced by the outside of the shipping carton itself. If it is all banged up and dented, with any of the bands broken, there could be an issue. This is because that carton was perfect, and in pristine new condition when it was picked up and shipped from the Motofino Warehouse. Always Save your copy of the receiving delivery sheet for future reference.

Summary Information, and who is insured on your shipment?
You are the only one insured! Motofino, and EcobikeUSA are not insured. So you are the only party that receives any compensation from FedEx for a loss you sustain. You have to decide what you've lost and what it has cost you, then to ask for that amount from FedEx. We will be happy to quote parts prices and shipping cost of those parts for minor damages. Don't forget to include labor costs to fix your scooter even if you do it yourself when you file your claim with FedEx. If FedEx hasn't cut your check yet, and you need something to get you going, Motofino will work with you if you cannot make an outright credit card purchase of what you need at the moment.

Total Loss and "Wipe-out" Situation
Let's suppose the very worst possible has happened and you receive your scooter in a pile, banded on a wooden pallet! DO NOT ACCEPT THE SHIPMENT.
Ask the driver for a claims form to recover your loss. When the Motofino Warehouse receives the scooter back from FedEx they will ship you a new one.

Note- Problems in FedEx shipments are very rare, and I cannot emphasize enough how rare, yet it is a "Rough and Tumble" world out there sometimes. It helps if we all follow procedures. If you have an issue or problem please contact Motofino at 733-1355 and we can advise you on how to get it handled.
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